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Caves of Murganhiera
Located next to the hotel, the Caves of Murganheira, founded in 1947 and located in Cistercian territory, in place of Abadia Velha, are original caves, excavated in rock of granite blue, reaching a depth of 72 meters, and that instead of the traditional pipes , are full of bottles of sparkling wine!

Roman Bridge of Vila Pouca
This small single-arch bridge lies in one of the most beautiful locations along the Varosa River. It is a must visit place to enjoy the surrounding area of ??rare beauty, in a series of waterfalls and dense vegetation.

Convent of Ferreirim
The Convent of Ferreirim was founded in the late Middle Ages by the counts of Marialva.

Ponte and Torre de Ucanha
The Torre de Ucanha is located in the parish of Ucanha and is classified by IPPAR as a National Monument since 1910. The scholar José Vasconcelos, born in Ucanha, points out three reasons for the construction of the Bridge and Tower: defense, ostentation and tax collection over passage.

Monastery of Santa Maria de Salzedas
Its construction began in 1168 and its foundation is closely linked to the figure of Teresa Afonso, wife of Egas Moniz. He has several works by some of the biggest names in painting in Portugal, such as Vasco Fernandes, Bento Coelho da Silveira or Pascoal Parente. Classified as National Monument since 1997.

Romanesque Bridge of the Ribeira de Salzedas
Small bridge located between vineyards slopes of Salzedas.

House of the Paço
This building dates back to the Middle Ages, whose property belonged to Egas Moniz, being a quintã created at the beginning of the monarchy. Recovered by the municipality of Tarouca, is where is located the Museum of Sparkling Wine Murganheira.

Mondim da Beira Romanesque Bridge
Built between the XIII and XIV centuries, it stands between the 2 arches, in rocky outcrops in the middle of the river and is located in the medieval road that linked Mondim da Beira to São João de Tarouca.

Monastery of St. John of Tarouca
Located on the slope of the Sierra de Leomil, it stands in a large valley, at the bottom of which runs the river Varosa. It was constituted in the first monastery of the Order of Cister, founded in 1144.

Roman Bridge of St. John of Tarouca
This Romanesque bridge constructed in granite crosses the river Varosa, making the connection of the margins shortly beyond the river in the village.
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